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Alumni Services

So you’ve just got home from the trip of a life time and you might be asking yourself, now what?

Well, just because you are back home, doesn’t mean that all your support, hard work and commitment to your project has to end. In fact, we hope that you will carry on your journey with GVI for a lifetime! As I am sure you have witnessed first-hand, the work that we do is ongoing and you can make a difference, even from home. It is our hope that you are feeling inspired to do just that.

So what can you do? Here are a few options of how you can stay involved through the GVI-Charitable Trust.



The GVI-Charitable Trust collects donations, manages fundraising and supports all of the GVI projects with charitable funding. You might want to carry on supporting your project or there might be one person that you would like to continue showing your support too. You can set up a monthly recurring donation or make once off donations whenever you can.

To find your project, read the latest news about what the GVI-CT has done on your project and make a donation pop over to our project pages. If you need to discuss donation options, please send us an email at

Set up your own fundraiser

As an alumni, you are in the best position possible to spread the word, create awareness and generate funds for your project. You might have arrived home all fired up with an amazing idea to get people inspired and engaged. Maybe you would like to host a quiz night, take part in a charity challenge or dare a friend to do something out of their comfort zone. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination. If you have a winning idea but are struggling to get things started, pop us an email and we are more than happy to help you in any way that we can.

Read stories from our amazing alumni over here and see how they have made a difference. Send us your stories and we’ll add it, we love hearing from you!

If you need a little kick-start and motivation. Download our fundraising manual here. It is packed full of information, ideas, stories and resources.

Join our Fundraising Army

Want to play a bigger role in the Charitable Trust? We are looking for motivated fundraisers to join the GVI-CT fundraising army! Members of the fundraising army will be responsible for alumni fundraising initiatives, linking people together to run fundraisers and charity challenges in your local area and country.

If you are interested in joining the army and are passionate about the GVI projects, get in touch!

Make new friends