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Meet our Alumni

Our Alumni


After returning from post-earthquake Nepal, Rebecca was motivated to host a curry night for Nepal.  

Rebecca volunteered in Nepal in April 2015 and experienced both of the earthquakes that left Nepal devastated.  “While in Nepal our volunteer team began to distribute aid with money raised online and locally. Seeing the positive effect that the aid had on those affected made us all realise that none of us could just stop helping when we went home. The aid needed to continue for as long as possible.”

So this is what Rebecca did: “As soon as I got home I decided that I wanted to have a ‘curry night’ in aid of the GVI earthquake appeal. I absolutely love the traditional Nepali food and I thought it would interest people to see what food Nepali people cook and eat. We also had a raffle with prizes from local businesses, a licensed bar, speeches and a presentation of photos of our volunteer team’s work. 100 people attended and we ended up raising over £1000!”

Rebecca recommends communicating your idea to as many people as possible, as you never know who will be willing to help. She also says, “just go for it! Remember why you decided to fundraise in the first place and keep motivated. Also – WRITE LISTS!”

Rebecca Thornton, Fundraiser

In memory of GVI’s first India sports volunteer Laura Butcher climbed Mount Fuji in Japan

“Hearing the devastating news about Cian, reminded me how short life is and how you have to make the most of every single experience, as Cian did on his travels. I wanted to make the most of my experience in Japan by raising money for the charity that Cian supported.

We chose to undertake the night climb to ensure that we arrived at the summit just in time for that infamous sunrise. 7 hours later, a couple of bruised knees, 3 climbing poles down, a head torch broken, uncountable blisters and a fair few navigational disagreements, all in the pitch black, we finally made it. It’s true what they say; watching the sun rise up through the clouds is a sight that will stay forever.

Better than the feeling of reaching the summit, was returning to Tokyo to find out that I had also reached my GVI donations target. I could not wait to share the news with all our friends and family who had offered such amazing support.”

Laura Butcher, Fundraiser

Jan fundraised through presentations on Intercultural Communication

“My dad and his partner are specialists in communication and offer coaching classes. I started the fundraising together with them. We invited several work mates, friends, business contacts, etc. to an event where my dad’s partner gave an introduction about communication, followed by my dad giving a presentation about differences in cultures. Thereafter, I talked about my experience in Kenya where I volunteered with GVI as an English teacher and applied my experience to the theory by G. Hofsteede on cross-culture and cultural differences. Moreover, I also talked about what touched my heart in Kenya, what surprised me and I talked about prejudice, etc.

At the end of the evening, I provided everyone with a flyer that contained some extracts from the GVI website, from my blog that I wrote during the time in Kenya and the URL of my fundraising page for the GVI Charitable Trust.”

Jan Samir Yous, Fundraiser 


Singapore American School

For the last year, the Singapore American School have been fundraising for the Ratu Mali School in Fiji through the GVI Charitable Trust. This started with the focusing of a school science project on Fiji and water source, they have successfully fundraised for a toilets block for the school.


Very Good Email Company

Since February 2011, the Very Good Email Company have been supporting one of our schools in Mombasa, Kenya, the  Nyota Ing-arayo School (previously known as Precious Vision school). As part of out community, they have enabled the continuation of an important feeding program to run at the school, as well as assisting with local teachers wages and training.