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Completed Projects


Help Train Teachers in Thailand

Over the course of 3 years, we have successfully trained over 50 teachers from over 35 schools in the Takuapa and Ao Luk districts in Southern Thailand. 

Education for underprivileged children, Cape Town

Supported the opening of a new Educare Hope Centre in Westlake, Cape Town and allowed us to run the centre for 12 months, during which we worked to assist our local partners to become self-sufficient with the implementation of fundraising schemes.

Education for rural Amazon communities

Over the years, more than 60 Ecuadorian students came to us from the Yachana school.  Those who stayed for months have gone on to speak English at advanced levels and some have even received scholarships in the United States, later returning to become bilingual jungle guides.

Carbon Mitigation

Create a Carbon Neutral Research Base, Seychelles

The Curieuse base is working to become a leader in sustainability, functioning with as little disruption as possible to the environment in which we work, included the design and assimilation of the photovoltaic system and a solar array which works perfectly saving nearly $7000 annually in fuel bills as well as avoiding 9 tons of Co² emissions.

Disaster Relief

Cyclone Evan – Fiji Disaster Recovery

In the aftermath of Cyclone Evan the generous donations were used to repair damaged water infrastructure, provide much needed food aid to villages where years worth of crops had been lost, initiate agriculture rehabilitation projects, and provide funding for basic infrastructure repairs.

Disaster Recovery for 11,000 people in Fiji

In the months following the March 2012 floods, we assisted with the huge task of recovery and restoration. Today, homes have been rebuilt in some areas. Our continuing involvement and support of the Nadi Region and the Red Cross was made possible through the compassionate donations that enabled GVI to fund Disaster Relief operations.

Support flood victims in Thailand

Funded by the kind donations to the GVI Charitable Trust, donations were used to send support parcels to flood victims, schools and temples all over the country, including school restoration and repair work.

Hurricane Dean Disaster Relief in Yucatan, Mexico

GVI, in collaboration with Amigos de Sian Ka’an and the University of Quintana Roo, managed to transform the devastated Estacion Costa Maya Research Station into a basic functional research station again, where extremely important biological data is being gathered. Basic goods were also delivered to approximately 850 families from 9 Mayan communities including fresh drinking water, clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils and building materials.

Cyclone Pam- Emergency Relief for Vanuatu

In the days and weeks following the devastating cyclone that affected the entire chain of islands that makes up Vanuatu, the Charitable Trust launched a fundraising campaign. We were able to send money to a local organisation that we have worked with previously, Wan Smolbag Theatre group. They  used the funds to rebuild houses in the local community where they are based.

2015 Nepal Earthquakes

In April and May of 2015, Nepal was hit by a devastating series of earthquakes. Over 6000 people lost their lives in Nepal alone. Estimates put the displaced people at 2.8 million with an estimated 3.5million people being in need of food assistance. The Charitable Trust immediately launched a fundraising campaign and were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. Funds were used to provide communities with emergency kits, food, water and basic medical supplies. Later we were able to provide materials for building temporary shelters as well as school supplies for kids who lost everything. Our recovery effort is ongoing into 2016.

Animal Welfare

Vaccinate and Sterilise Stray Dogs in Thailand

A vet team from Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue carried out vaccinations and sterilizations on approximately 60 village dogs including distemper, Hepatitis type 2, Para influenza, Parvo virus and worms. GVI continues to keep a basic dog first aid kit at the base in case we need to provide treatment for mange, worms, fleas and minor accidents.

Protect Dogs From Malnutrition And Disease In Fiji

With the financial support of the GVI Charitable Trust and other generous local donors, The Animals Fiji Rescue Centre moved to a new location in Nadi after being forced to leave their premises. Support from us was used to facilitate this move and help support the future investments needed for what is the only current animal shelter in the Western Division of Fiji.


Long-Term Protection Of Whales & Dolphins In Fiji

After two and a half years of research working alongside Whale and Dolphin Conservation and 12 research phases, GVI Fiji amassed a significant amount of behavioral data on this unique spinner dolphin Pod. The GVI Charitable Trust funding helped with variety of equipment that improved both the effectiveness of our research and the quality of data collected such as digital sound recorders, GPS units and a digital projector to assist with training.

Establishing a Recycling Centre in Mexico

Thanks to all the donors, we have provided to the village tools, infrastructure for the Recycling Centre and compost containers.The work will not stop, it is now time to hand it over to the people in Punta Allen to continue working on it. We have managed to get local authorities and other local organisations interested in seeing this project developed.

Help 125 SA Kids To Care For Their Environment

This project was started in 2012 to assist Daktari Outreach with the activities of various wildlife clubs among disadvantaged youth in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Donations to this project have been used to fund fuel, stationary and other resources used in the meetings, discussions and activities of the wildlife clubs. Towards the end of 2013, funds were used to assist one of the promising former wildlife club members with gaining his professional field guiding qualifications and drivers licence to enable him to gain full-time paid employment. The Daktari’s Outreach program is now a fully operating charity.


Alternative livelihoods for ex-poachers in Kenya

In November 2014, GVI returned for the last time to Tsavo. Our goal was to use the funds our amazing donors raised to support the inspiring ex-poachers group, Ngoyaki. Through our combined efforts over the past 2 years, and the gracious CT donations, this group has a slice of protected land. GVI, Ngoyaki and Tsavo Pride would like to extend a massive thank you to all of you who have donated as this would not have been feasible without your generosity.