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Our Impact

Our Impact

“I chose to do a scholarship with GVI because of the wide range of training that attached to the programme itself. This includes basic taxonomic for underwater research, compressor training, offsite expedition training and most importantly the Scuba training (Open & Advance Open Water Certification). This is also one way that I can expose and pass my knowledge of conservation to remote areas in the Yasawas through cross-sharing of information.This scholarship fully equipped me in terms of preparation for further studies and as well, trained me to be more vigilant on my career which is actually the environment conservation.”

Tomasi Tikoibua, National Scholar in Fiji


“I was interested to work at the Caribbean coast – specifically with marine turtles.. I was lucky to be offered the opportunity to spend 5 weeks at as part of the National Scholarship Program.

I learned a lot from the Marine Turtle Program. After my experience with GVI I applied for a master’s degree at the International Institute of Wildlife Management and Conservation. So next year I will go back to Tortuguero National Park where I will develop my thesis focusing on jaguars (distribution within the National Park/human-jaguar conflict). My interest in returning to Tortuguero is due to my experience as a national scholar!”

Stephanny Arroyo, National Scholar in Costa Rica


“This experience has broadened my horizons considerably as I have met and interacted with people from all over the world and learnt about different people and cultures which has helped me to understand and appreciate my own country and culture more.

The practical training such as First Aid and Health and Safety as well as people management and time management have helped improve my CV and given me the opportunity to gain a better job than before. I have also been able to improve my English a lot which is essential for many jobs.This opportunity has given me the confidence and motivation to return to education which I left at an early age. Now I truly believe I have what it takes and have an important experience with GVI that can demonstrate this.”

Riaan Isaacs, National Scholar in South Africa


Provide Skills Training

  • Recruited, trained and developed international volunteers with GVI
  • 400+ trained TEFL teachers.
  • Trained over 600 researchers, +100 National Park Rangers, professional divers, professional guides, fishermen and tourism related workers in conservation and survey techniques.

Engage and Empower

Our scholarship participants have:

  • Given daily lessons to over 8000 primary aged children & 50,000+ community members
  • Built over 855 carbon efficient stoves in Latin America.
  • Repaired and created 500,000 cubic meters of rainwater harvesting capacity through water tanks globally
  • Been involved in health workshops in 6 different countries including sexually transmitted diseases HIV, malaria, TB and specific mothers to be and women’s groups
  • Assisted in major natural disasters including assisting the Red Cross in Fiji, and flooding in Thailand.
  • Engaged over 130 people in alternative livelihoods.

Enhance Youth Employability

  • Scholars have followed with postgraduate studies, working with local partners and some have stayed with GVI in management positions.