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Our Partners


Donor Partners


Global Vision International Charitable Trust is a recipient of a Google Grants award. The Google Grants program supports registered nonprofit organizations that share Google’s philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts. Google Grants is an in-kind advertising program that awards free online advertising to nonprofits via Google AdWords.


MWH Global, a global leader in wet infrastructure, has partnered since 2013 with GVI Fiji to support a local project to increase rainwater harvesting capacity within local communities in Fiji.

Global Giving

GlobalGiving is a charity fundraising web site that provides non-profits the chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities. The GVI Charitable Trust has been working with GlobalGiving since 2008 to provide our supporters with an easy-to-use fundraising and donor management system. The partnership has offered us fundraising tools and training, and access to corporate partners and media outreach.




Silicon Valley Community Foundation advances innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems, engaging donors to make our region and world a better place for all. In 2014, the GVI Charitable Trust received grants in Mexico and Australia from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. 

Just Giving

JustGiving is a leading platform for charity giving through which we offer our supporters an easy online system to donate and fundraise.

CA Technologies provides IT management solutions that help customers manage and secure complex IT environments to support agile business services. Through celebrating 50 years of the mainframe, they supported our educational and training initiatives for disadvantaged students in Australia through the National Scholarship Program.

New logo and GVI
GVI is an international volunteer organisation aiming to build a global network of passionate people, to make a difference. Their long term projects allow volunteers to make real impactful contributions even on short programs and operate under the direction of the local community and at their request. GVI supports international charities, non-profits and governmental organisations around the world. Through financial support, international recognition and volunteer support their critical goals can be realised.

We have an active partnership with the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) through their Young People Without Borders program, providing international placements across Asia and Oceania to disadvantaged youths, funded through the Australia scholarship Program. Together with FYA we have also begun a rural council program, commencing with a co-funded pilot scheme through both the East Gippisland Shire Council and the City of Ballarat, that we hope to expand upon into 2015.

The Anna Crossman Trust for Kids in Kerala was establised in in memory of Anna, who volunteered there in 2011 and died in June 2013, aged 20. The Trust support our projects in India through donations and fundraising to help pay for education and school equipment, as well as medicine, therapy and counselling for orphaned girls and disabled children.


Field Partners

Every organisation’s requirements are different; some require minimal support, while others require a well-structured, implemented expedition with professional staffing and equipment. We help them meet there aims and objectives, a few of which are described below:

Sea Turtle Conservancy