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The Team

We are passionate about what we do!


Henry Walton

Henry Walton- Trustee

Henry joined the GVI Charitable Trust in 2015 bringing with him a varied and unique set of skills. Joining GVI as a volunteer on one of the early and challenging Amazon trips he then became the project coordinator for Europe and Asia before heading onto new pastures. Since then he has worked in a range of posts including the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund helping implement a district-wide international development programme focused upon rehauling the social services system in Salina District Malawi. Henry has spent the last two years developing a new fundraising platform called PrizeAid that enables charities to partner up with corporates and run specialised incentive based fundraising campaigns.

Kate Robey – Head of Operations

Kate is a new recruit to GVI, but exploring and working in local communities around the world is nothing new to her, so she fits right in. After leaving high school, Kate went off into the unknown of semi-rural Australia to live and work at a boarding school for a year. After completing her degree and post graduate diploma in marketing, Kate decided that it was time to continue her exploration of the world, using teaching in South Korea as the starting point. Two and a half years later and countless Asian destinations visited, Kate found herself back in Africa and plotting a short trip to the United States while traveling in Zimbabwe. That ‘short trip to the United States’ ended up being a year with side trips to South and Central America. It also solidified her realisation of what it was that she wanted to do, which is work on community development projects. Kate brings to the team a passion for education, a real commitment to community development and a great sense of adventure.

Steve Gwenin

Steve Gwenin – GVI Chief Executive

Steve Gwenin joined GVI in 2002 and has been key in the set up and running of most of GVI’s programs and support structure. As an oceanographer and marine biologist, he has dedicated his working life to conservation, community development and sustainable resource use. Steve has over 15 years of field conservation and community development experience, spanning 5 continents, 4 oceans and a host of different eco-systems and cultures. His boundless energy and enthusiasm, commitment to sustainable development initiatives and strong background in working internationally with governmental, non-profit and commercial organisations, make him ideal for GVI.

Richard Walton

Richard Walton – Trustee, Director and Founder of GVI

Having lived and worked overseas for many years as a volunteer and expedition leader, Richard has been largely responsible for the development of Global Vision International from its early days on an island off the coast of Honduras. Richard has led and taken part in expeditions to Patagonia, the Amazon, Honduras and Malawi and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. He continues to be involved in all aspects of the day to day running of GVI and travels extensively throughout the year to GVI field stations.

Tyrone Bennett– Director of Alumni Services

Meet Ty, our resident party animal. Although he’ll tell you he’s a bit of a Jack Bauer, he’s often told he’s more of a Del Boy… Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he has his University Logo tattooed on his back. It’s a long story, but if you ever get him on the phone, ask him about it. Our Ty-Rhino has done it all. Pick a subject and he’s got a story. We asked about public transport… “I took taxi bartering a step too far in Bali and ended up in cab with no breaks and a crazy driver – all for saving 50p! And then there’s that four hour ride on a public bus in Nicaragua, sitting next to a chicken and a piglet…” The craziest thing a volunteer has ever asked him? “I want to go to the most dangerous place to volunteer, where do you recommend?”