Donation Report: School Books for Fiji


Funds from the International Disaster Relief Fund have been used to replace school books for 80 students.

Funds for this project were used from donations made to our Cyclone Winston Relief and Recovery Fund, part of our International Disaster Relief Fund. The objective of the fund is to assist communities affected by natural disaster rebuild and reestablish their lives after natural disaster befalls.

Since Cyclone Winston, which occurred in February 2016, families in Dawasamu District have been receiving support from the government to help them purchase necessities, of which food is a primary need.  Nearly a year on and these donations have ceased and families are running low on money.  Plantations, one of the main sources of income for villagers in Dawasamu, are still not yielding an adequate amount of crops, so families are not able to solely eat their own produce nor sell the excess at the market. As a result, families have very little money to spend on other costs.

During a village meeting, the members of Silana village expressed their concern that many families cannot afford to purchase school textbooks and exercise books for their children.

Lack of funds and increasing cost of living have made access to education challenging for many families. Assisting the village in this way will lessen the burden on families and allow that money to be used towards other necessities. Additionally, following the receipt of this donation, the Silana Youth Committee voted to begin saving a portion of each month of GVI’s rental payments from Babale Base towards a fund to purchase school books in January 2018. This shows their commitment to not being reliant on donations in the future.

A total of £650 was donated to the School Book Project.
33 families and 80 individual students benefitted
Each student received the following:
6 lined exercise books
Book covers
A pencil case with basic stationery
Maths Sets
Book labels

Your donations make a real difference