Donation Report: Using Nepal Earthquake Funds to Rebuild a Community Kitchen


In the village of Pame in Nepal, we have used funds donated for the Nepal Earthquake appeal to start fixing a community centre.

This project forms part of the Nepal programme’s objective to Support the community with improved facilities, as well as a sub-objective of supporting the community of Pame, affected by the earthquake, with improved community facilities.

The Earthquake in Context 

The earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015 killed an estimated 9000 people and injured 22 000 more. Thousands upon thousands of people were left homeless, livelihoods were destroyed and chaos ensued. When a disaster of this magnitude strikes, it causes a chain of events that has long lasting and potentially catastrophic effects. The Nepal Earthquake was followed by a monsoon which caused flooding and devastating mudslides- villages already in need of assistance because unreachable. There was also a series of border blockades which resulted in a severe fuel shortage, which in turn resulted in a shortage of goods, price inflation and insecurity.

It will take many years for the country to regain its footing, and we are using funds that were generously donated for projects that will help affected communities regroup and rebuild.

Pame and the Community Centre

The area of Pame, although it is removed from the epicentre of the quake, was damaged, both by the earthquake and the monsoonal rain that followed. The community building, situated beside a temple and surrounded by a wall, was badly damaged.

The small, very basic and damaged community building is used for meetings, particularly of young mothers, but it is not seen as a desirable place to congregate and is therefore under-utilised. The community expressed a need for repairs, especially to the surrounding walls and an extension to be built onto the existing building, in particular, a kitchen or food preparation area.  This would make the community centre a more desirable meeting place and make the preparation of food much easier. The community would then be able to use the building for meetings, celebrations and festivals.


Our donation, as well as the labour of GVI participants, enabled the construction of the foundation and walls for the kitchen building. We are currently negotiating the next steps for the project, ensuring the local community is also taking responsibility for the building works.

There is also a new bridge being built nearby. This means that there will be easier and safer access to the community building throughout the year.

Future Plans

We will support the further development of the centre by painting, building and installing shelves and support structures inside the kitchen.
Once the kitchen is complete it will be available for use by the women’s group as well as other community members as a meeting place.

We will keep you posted!

Breakdown of the use of funds
In total, we have used £2000 to cover the following:
Bricks, stones and cement
Door frames

Your donations make a real difference