Donation Report: Youth Grant Deposit


Disaster Relief funds have been used to assist the Silana Youth Committee to get a government loan.

Funds for this project were used from donations made to our Cyclone Winston Relief and Recovery Fund, part of our International Disaster Relief Fund. The objective of the fund is to assist communities affected by natural disaster rebuild and reestablish their lives after natural disaster befalls.

The Silana Youth Committee

A group of men and women between the ages of 18-40 make up the Silana Youth Committee. The committee is responsible for liaising between GVI and the village and managing local projects. GVI Fiji has been renting a property from them to use as a volunteer base since 2013. The funds that the Youth Committee generates from the rental benefits the entire village for projects such as village maintenance.

The entire property was destroyed during Cyclone Winston. This meant that a source of income was lost for the Youth Committee and Silana Village as a whole.

Accessing a Grant from Integrated Human Resource Development (IHRDP)

The Youth Committee applied for and won a grant from the IHRDP. As part of the conditions for securing the grant, the Youth Committee had to put down an FJD $5000 deposit to show their commitment to the project and to the IHRDP. When the Youth Committee reached out to us for assistance, we were more than happy to make the funds available so that they could secure the grant and begin rebuilding.

The Benefits of The Grant

The grant will enable the partnership between Silana Village and GVI to continue sustainably into the future. The FJD $5000 deposit allowed the Youth Committee to secure the grant funds without causing an impact on the other projects that the Youth funds are used for in the village such as maintenance, landscaping, and cultural activities.

The IHRDP grant will also include capacity training workshops for the community, such as construction techniques. These workshops will begin in the coming weeks and will continue throughout the 2017-2018 grant period. Such workshops will supplement the capacity training that GVI does with the village and allow a stronger connection between the Silana Youth and the government of Fiji, further enabling the empowerment of the community members in Silana.

A total of £2080 (FJD $5000) was allocated from the International Disaster Relief Fund for this project.

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