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The GVI Trust’s International Scholarship Programme

We help young people access International Education Experiences with the aim of creating more aware, informed and empowered global citizens.

We identify young people who demonstrate a commitment to their future studies and/ or employment and are excluded from accessing International Education Opportunities due to financial hardships.

What is the International Scholarship Programme?

The International Scholarship Programme is an award of up to £2000 to an eligible youth to pursue an international education experience.

Participants who are selected for this opportunity will earn a certification or accreditation that will benefit them with their future endeavours- be it furthering their education or full-time employment in their chosen field. The scholarship opportunity will expose young people to global issues while forcing them to engage with these issues in both a practically and theoretically way in the field. The participants will have the opportunity to work on a sustainable project run in conjunction with local communities and organisations while interacting with people from all walks of life.

The International Scholarship Programme equips young people with field based, international education experiences to allow them to develop their soft skills while working towards achieving a recognised qualification. It also allows young people to become involved with organisations and projects that are working with local partners on sustainable projects, exposing them to international development and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

If you are:

Between the ages of 15-24,
Currently enrolled, or have an active application, at a learning institute (school, college, university etc.),
Able to demonstrate that this opportunity will be beneficial for your studies/ planned studies and/ or employment,
Passionate about making a difference and can demonstrate your interest in sustainable development,
In need of financial assistance and
Willing to leave your comfort zone and are eager to learn about global issues

Then you are eligible to apply for an International Scholarship with us!

What do we expect from our scholars?
Becoming a GVI Trust scholar will be a  fun and rewarding experience, but it should also be seen as a serious job with serious responsibilities. Whatever project you decide to join, we expect you to take the project work that you are engaged in seriously, with a huge dose of passion and positivity. You will be expected to act professionally and in accordance with cultural norms at all times, following instructions and guidance from field staff.

We expect you to:

Learn, grow and develop your skills.
Actively engage with field staff, project partners and the community you will be working in.
Engage with the SDGs and become more aware of global issues.
Take responsibility for all of your pre-departure requirements which include booking your trip, getting a visa, signing up for travel insurance and booking your own flights.
Engage in reflection sessions with field staff while you are in the field.
On completion of your trip, you will submit an essay outlining your experience- what you have learnt and how you have grown.

Applications for 2017 scholarships are now open!

If you are from the UK or Australia and would like to apply for a scholarship, leave your details.
Applications for 2017 are open from 1- 30 April 2017
Applications for 2018 are open from 1- 24 August 2017

“This has been a mind-opening experience that exposed me to other cultures, languages and ways of life. By experiencing day-to-day existence in an area of need like Ban Nam Khem I learnt to appreciate the gifts of this small community’s culture, as well as the benefits of providing support and care for children in need. As a volunteer, this experience provided me with a number of opportunities for additional professional benefits.  Teamwork, foreign language knowledge, and hard work also add polish to my skills and knowledge when applying for jobs in the future.”


Australian National Scholarship Program

12-week healthcare project in Phang Nga, Thailand


“I chose to do a scholarship with GVI because of the wide range of training that attached to the programme itself. This includes basic taxonomic for underwater research, compressor training, offsite expedition training and most importantly the Scuba training (Open & Advance Open Water Certification). This is also one way that I can expose and pass my knowledge of conservation to remote areas in the Yasawas through cross-sharing of information.This scholarship fully equipped me in terms of preparation for further studies and as well, trained me to be more vigilant on my career which is actually the environment conservation.”



Tomasi Tikoibua

National Scholar, Fiji Marine


“I learnt how to interact with different individuals with varying degrees of special needs; I also developed my communication skills by communicating across a language barrier. I also learnt leadership skills and how to be in control of many situations, which were difficult to be in. Teamwork was a major adjustment as before I went I didn’t realise how much we would need to rely on each other and we have created friendship bonds which will hopefully last a lifetime.”



UK National Scholarship Program

Tyne Met trip to Cape Town 

“You get the best staff and mentors one could ask for, you get the “postcard” background to every photo you take. You get to dive in the most pristine waters and see the delicate balance of a reef system first hand.
I’ve been inspired to save the oceans and given the practical tools to accomplish this. My mind has been opened up to a new perspective. As a Pacific Islander, I couldn’t see a better way to conserve what has fed our Pasifika for generations. I’ve only spent 4 weeks on the Island but it feels like 4 years with the knowledge and experience it’s given me.
Thank you GVI I could never repay you for what you’ve given me.”


National Scholar, Fiji Marine