Our Story


We’re an organisation passionate about making a sustainable difference.


The GVI Trust was set up in 2005 to help with disaster relief following the devastation caused by Hurricane Stan in Guatemala. After an overwhelming response from the GVI community, The GVI Trust was firmly established.

We are dedicated to working on sustainable development projects by assisting our local, and long-standing, project partners. Our aim is three-fold. We endeavour to offer support to our project partners, to work on projects that will have a lasting impact and to offer opportunities that empower people and partners.

Since our inception, The GVI Trust has contributed over £1 600 000 to over 40 projects in the fields of community, wildlife and marine conservation and education.

Our Completed Projects

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  • Construction of 14 monsoon- proof houses in 2015
  • Set up a community playground In Santhom Slum in 2015
  • Built a school toilet block for 100 children at St Louis in 2015
  • Scabies eradication drive at Palluruthy Relief Settlement in 2016
  • Daily school breakfasts since 2012
  • Hiring a coach for weekly sports lessons since 2012


  • Funded a variety of equipment that helped improve the effectiveness of research and quality of data on a 2-year Whales and Dolphins research project
  • Cyclone Evan disaster relief and recovery in 2013 through the International Disaster Relief Fund.
  • In the months following the 2012 floods, we assisted 11 000 people through our International Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Assisted The Animals Fiji Rescue Centre to move to, and establish themselves in a new location after being forced to vacate their old premises.
  • In 2014, we funded the construction of a school library and in 2015 we added electrical points and lights.
  • Increased rainwater harvesting capacity by 1million litres in the drought prone Yasawa area.


  • Assisting in the 2015 earthquake relief by distributing emergency kits, school supplies and building materials.
  • Supporting Street Children’s Boys Home with rent, snacks and general support since 2012.
  • In 2013 we installed water tanks at the local school to collect rain water.
  • Construction of a new community centre in Bandipur in 2016.
  • Purchased a new surgical table for the Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust in 2014.
  • Funded the construction of an outdoor shelter for the post- surgery animals at HART.


  • 47 students on individual sponsorships for 2016
  • 78 students on class sponsorships for 2016
  • 800 students taught daily
  • 254 Novice Monks taught daily
  • 10 partner organisations that we work with
  • 35 disadvantaged girls in women’s empowerment classes
  • 35 disadvantaged girls provided with bicycles to get to school and English classes
  • 10 hours of computer classes per week


  • We currently support 3 elephants, Lulu, Sah Jah and Khum Suk, so that they can live freely in the forest in Chiang Mai.
  • Supporting Shark Guardian to deliver conservation programs at schools and community centers since 2014.
  • Since 2014, we have been printing and distribution of Whale Shark code of conduct to all local tourist spots and on all shark-watching boats.


  • Supported the opening of a new Educare Hope Centre in Westlake, Cape Town and funded the running of the centre for a year during which we worked to assist our partners become self-sufficient.
  • In Cape Town, we have been working with Ikhayalethemba Sanctuary since 2011.
  • Paid for an occupational therapist for the special needs children in 2012.
  • Funded the construction and renovation of the Nceduluntu Educare Centre.
  • Purchased a tumble drier for Ikhayalethemba Sanctuary in 2015.
  • Funded the repair of the Sanctuary’s roofs before the winter rainy season in 2015.
  • In 2016, we assisted the Sanctuary with salary support for 5 staff members.
  • Funded the installation of a brand new bathroom at Ikhayalethemba Sanctuary in 2016.
  • Assisted with the installation of rainwater tanks and vegetable garden in 2016
  • Assisted the Karongwe Game Reserve with the rhino de-horning operation in 2015.
  • Purchasing of 2 quad bikes for extra mobility on anti-poaching patrols.
  • Purchasing of 13 strobe lights to increase visibility while on night patrols in the game reserve.
  • Purchased an anti-poaching vehicle in 2016 to increase mobility for rangers.


  • Sent 11 scholars from Australia to projects in Asia in 2015 and 2016
  • Assisted 2 school groups from Tyne Met College in the UK to travel to Mexico and Cape Town in 2014 and 2015
  • Forged a partnership with the University of the South Pacific and had our first National Scholars in Fiji in 2015
  • In 2015, Cynthia, a National Scholar in Mexico moved to Costa Rica to take on the role of Country Director for GVI Costa Rica


  • Playground constructed in El Cocal
  • Complete school renovations at Roncador school. Renovations include classroom, cafeteria and playground
  • Renovations of a community centre
  • Establishment of a garden at the community centre
  • Purchasing tracking equipment, including camera traps, to monitor jaguars
  • Commissioning of signage to be put up throughout the park, including warnings, restricted areas and speed limits.


  • Supplying dive and research equipment to our partners in Sian Ka’an Reserve including underwater paper, tanks, pressure gauges, masks, fiberglass measuring tapes and slates.
  • Purchased temperature sensors for marine protected areas in 2016 so that our partner, Comunidad y Biodiversidad A.C. (COBI) can monitor the impact of climate change.
  • Contributing the full cost of dog therapy with the special needs children at the Integral Care Centre since 2014.
  • Assisted our partner, Save The Children, with equipment for the children, training and development for the staff, and drinking water for the children since 2014.
  • Purchased 100 school uniforms for the students at the Integral Care Centre in 2016.
  • Supporting our partners, Coco’s Animal Rescue, with sterilization drives and clinics since 2014.
  • Contributed the cost of a surgical room in the new Coco’s clinic centre in 2016.
  • Constructed a recycling centre in the village of Punta Allen in 2013.


  • in 2012 we paid for the complete installation of a solar system to take Curieuse base on Curieuse Island in the Seychelles off the grid.
  • Paid for the complete installation of a solar system on the GVI Jalova base in Costa Rica in 2016.
  • Installed 80 fuel-efficient cooking stoves in Honduras in 2012.


  • From 2012-2014 we worked with a group of ex-poachers. The project culminated with a donation to the poachers of a slice of protected land in Tsavo.
  • We have been supporting schools in the slum areas of Mombassa since 2011 with student scholarships, school lunches, school upgrades and learning materials.
  • Our ongoing project is supporting Nyota Secondary School and Olives School, both located in Mombassa, with funding for teacher’s and cook’s wages and daily lunches for the students.


We have supported the  Educandário Creche Comunitária Sonho da Vovó Clara – an independent, community school offering free of charge education and food to the children of Mata Escura in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil since 2011. They rely 100% on our donations to keep their doors open.

We have paid the tuition fees for the teacher, Andrea, to get her teaching degree.


Since 2014 we have supported the Wild Horse Rescue Centre who are working to rescue, train and adopt into loving homes wild mustangs. We support them with funding for purchases of hay.


We have assisted a school in rural Zimbabwe by providing them with funding for daily school lunches for over 200 children since 2014.


We have been working with the crew at Desert2Surf since 2011. We have been able to assist them with 19 trips that expose Aboriginal children living in extremely remote and rural communities to stand up paddle boarding and opportunities to travel to the coast on a surf trip.

6 Trips South- a trip for 2 students who have excelled in their community to visit the coast of Australia and learn to surf and be exposed to different parts of Australia.

13 Stand and Lead trips- day trips in the Northern Territory where the team take kids out to billabongs and teaches them to stand up paddle.

“Support from NGO’s such as The GVI Trust is essential to the continued conservation work carried out around the world by projects such as ours. The presence of GVI staff and volunteers working in the park help to protect and monitor the amazing diversity of animals found in the area”

Ian Thomson, Costal Jaguar Conservation

“Thanks to the trust and support of The GVI Trust our centre continues growing.”

Director, CEAI (Integral Care Centre)

“We have been partnering with GVI for many years and it has changed the lives of our elephants, our mahouts, our children and everyone in the village.”

Mr. Manit, Head of Huay Pakoot Village Conservation Group

“GVI is a great support for the institution and the children of El Cocal. Over the past 3 and a half years GVI has accomplished so much. Having GVI in our community is a blessing.”

Luis Enrique, School Director

The GVI Trust has helped us strengthen our program of child protection by promoting the development of children through the exchange of experience and knowledge. They have also helped us improve the infrastructure of our ludoteca (toy libraries).

Save the Children, Mexico

“The GVI Trust has been helping our centre for 3 years. They provide support with volunteers and financial support for lunches, books, clothes and supplies. Thank you so much for helping the children and supporting the centre.”

Bhagbati Baral, Teacher at Male Patan

“With the help of The GVI Trust, FYA has been able to deliver the Experience Asia Program- a scholarship program for young people to access immersive cultural experiences in the region, backed by their local councils.”

Aun Ngo, FYA Community Manager

Our Mission

We are on a mission to build a global network of people united by their passion to make a difference.


We provide financial and operational support to vetted local partners.


We pride ourselves on working with partners delivering impact on long-term, sustainable projects.


We aim to equip students with knowledge and skills so that they can become conscious, engaged global citizens.

Our Objectives


To relieve sickness and preserve and promote the good health of persons.


To promote, for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment.


To advance education and research for the benefit of the public in the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment.


To relieve poverty, financial hardship and distress.

Meet The Team

Tyrone Bennett

Tyrone Bennett


Meet Ty, a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institution who has vast experience in youth engagement and marketing in the Higher Education Sector. Ty is well travelled and volunteered with GVI back in 2010 and Joined the GVI Family in June 2012 before taking over the management of the Trust in 2015. Ty is responsible for Trust and working with our trustees to increase our work globally.

Ty Cooper

Ty Cooper

Head of Marketing and Communications

Meet Ty, a creative and experienced brand professional. Ty Joined the team in August 2017 to help develop our programs and communicate our mission further. Ty loves to get into the water and is based near our projects in Cape Town, he has a passion for sustainability and making a difference and this is what lead him to us.

Carly Kruyer

Carly Kruyer

Operations Assistant

Carly is the one who is behind the scenes making sure that everything runs smoothly. Joining us in August 2017 Carly spends her days supporting all our projects across the globe from fundraising support, reporting and monitoring and managing our social media platforms. Carly is based in Cape Town near a few of our projects and is very passionate about community development and our mission.

Shayle Havemann

Shayle Havemann

Director of GVI Programs

Meet Shayle, GVI’s innovative and driven Director of Programs. Shayle oversee’s all the GVI projects and provides support to the Trust in managing our international field partners and execution of our projects. Shayle is very passionate about the work GVI and the Trust does and comes with over 10 years experience in setting up community projects internationally.

Our Trustees

Richard Walton

Richard Walton

Chairman of Trustee Board

Having lived and worked overseas for many years as a volunteer and expedition leader, Richard has been largely responsible for the development of GVI from its early days on an island off the coast of Honduras. Richard has led and taken part in expeditions to Patagonia, the Amazon, Honduras and Malawi and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. He continues to be involved in all aspects of the day to day running of GVI and travels extensively throughout the year to GVI field stations.

Abbie Hine

Abbie Hine

General Trustee

Abbie comes to the GVI Trust with a wealth of knowledge. Abbie is the Founder of WiseOceans, a UK Organisation that promotes the awareness of marine conservation. Abbie previously was the Operations Director for the Manta Trust and was responsible for all operations to enhance the charity and more recently has moved to the role as adviser. Abbie also has a wealth of knowledge of field operations as she also set up the GVI Seychelles hub.

Heidi King

Heidi King

Marketing Communications Trustee

Heidi has over 10 years of experience in Marketing Communications in the UK Higher Education sector, commercial sector and NHS. A passion for making a difference to people Heidi has launched several high impact marketing campaigns on both a national and international level. Heidi joins the trust with her passion for supporting our mission to build our global network for making a difference. Heidi is responsible for ensuring we engage our supporters to maximise our efforts globally.

Henry Walton

Henry Walton

Finance Trustee

Henry first joined GVI on one of the early trips in the Amazon, moving on to become project coordinator for GVI in Europe and Asia and now he serves as a trustee to The GVI Trust. He has a multitude of experience. From implementing international development programs to creating fundraising platforms enabling charities to partner with corporates to a web development and design business.

Our Partners

We work with a variety of different field and funding partners here at The GVI Trust

Project Partners

We work with a well-established network of local partners who direct and guide operations on the ground. Our partners, in conjunction with the GVI field staff, drive the direction that our work takes.

Donor Partners

Our donor partners make it possible for us to deliver high impact, sustainable projects to our field partners on a larger scale. All of our donor partners identify a project, either once off or ongoing and we facilitate and manage the work in the field, on their behalf.

Contact us if you are interested in partnering with The GVI Trust.

How We Use Your Donations

We rely 100% on your donations to support our projects.

It is only because of the support from people like you that we are able to sustain ourselves as a charity and offer ongoing support to the projects that we support. When you make a donation to The GVI Trust, we guarantee that your donation will be used as intended. This is what happens to your donation.

For every £1 that you donate

For every £1 that you donate, 10 pence of your donation is used to help us cover our overheads.

For every £1 that you donate, 90 pence of your donation goes directly to our projects!

Our Formal Reports

Find out what we have been up to by downloading our annual reports.