Assisting Disadvantaged Children and Adults in Nepal

Offering assistance to vulnerable people in Pokhara and surrounding regions.




The goal of this project is to provide resource support, improve facilities and improve healthcare alongside local community development projects in and around Pokhara, Nepal.  We have identified several projects in Pokhara and surrounding areas, where we can offer support on an ongoing basis.

Effective education in the early years will broaden children’s future opportunities and capabilities. For the adults on our projects, access to further education develops their confidence and offers them a wider range of income generating activities and opportunities. Health education leads to greater understanding and prevention. Improvements to facilities lead to healthier, more positive and comfortable living and learning environments.

Your donations are used to support these organisations on projects that provide long-term benefits to their work.

Locals receiving support through health camps since April 2016

Children receiving daily meals and snacks at Boys Home

Brand new learning center for our childcare and women's empowerment programs

The Challenge

The issues affecting the Nepali people are widespread. These issues are predominantly related to education, access to resources and health care. There is limited access to quality learning resources and education and women and girls are often excluded from educational opportunities. Preventable health issues affect learning and lifestyles and access to healthcare is often limited. Access to clean water is also limited in many areas, which compounds health issues.
In 2015, the earthquakes and the border blockade between India and Nepal had a profound effect on the economy, particularly the tourism industry. This has had negative effects on many families and communities which rely on the industry as their primary source of income.

The Solution

We work alongside the local staff at our partner organisations, offering support and assistance with a focus on education. Using your donations, we provide support in the form of resources. These include providing educational resources to enhance learning, supporting feeding programs, helping cover rental expenses and assisting with improvements to facilities. This creates positive living and learning environments. We also work on initiatives that will help save costs in the long term and reduce our environmental impact.




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“GVI and The GVI Trust has been helping the centre for 3 years. They have been providing the support, helping to teach the children and providing financial support for lunches, books, clothes and kitchen supplies. GVI has also provided assistance with the health of the children. Thank you so much for helping the child and supporting the centre. “”

Bhagbati Baral

Male Patan, Teacher