Supporting Community Development and Education in Costa Rica


Assisting under-resourced communities and schools in Quepos.



Many of the schools and communities around the Quepos region have very limited funding and face many challenges, both social and economic. This project seeks to assist the community of El Cocal through partnerships with schools and community centres. Together we aim to empower and support communities so that they can tackle the challenges that they face. We offer the community access so that they can improve the quality of the community assets, increase wellbeing and improve access to education, especially programmes focusing on life skills and social-emotional learning.

Little by little, we aim to work on projects designed to improve infrastructure, offer alternative income generating options, foster healthy habits, promote conservation activities and increase access to education.


Number of schools we have supported since 2011

Number of adults we have reached with English lessons

Number of teaching hours provided in 2016

The Challenge

Being located very near to the tourist haven of Manuel Antonio drives the cost of living up which has a huge impact on marginalised communities. In addition, cultural differences (due to the number of immigrants), unemployment and substance abuse in this community makes it a hard place to live and even a harder place to learn.

Furthermore, many of the public schools surrounding the Quepos area have very limited funding. Children only attend school half-days due to a lack of teachers and space. Since school hours are limited, classes are restricted to mainly the basic subjects, and students receive few or no extracurricular classes, such as music, arts or sports. Many children do not attend school past the last year of elementary school.

The Solution

We seek to improve community welfare and the external and internal image of El Cocal.  We aim to do this with the implementation of the community centre, extracurricular classes, alternative income generation initiatives, healthy eating habits and our ongoing classes teaching English to a group of local adult residents. All of the projects that we embark on are driven by community input and engagement.

Our long-term plans are to help El Cocal transform itself and its image from one of being ‘dangerous and undesirable’ to a place where families will go to enjoy the beautiful beach and relax. We will embark on this mission by assisting the community in alternative income-generation projects, by the development of new infrastructure, better access to education and preventative healthcare.


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“GVI is a great support for the institution and the children. Over the past 3 and a half years we have accomplished so much: an integration between volunteers and  teachers, educational reinforcement and enhancement for the children and improvements to the infrastructure of the school which will serve future students as well as the current ones.
Having GVI in our community is a blessing.”

Luis Enrique

El Cocal Primary School, School Director