Community Improvement and Education in South Africa

Assisting local schools and creches with infrastructure development and education.



We support the children and teachers in our community. We recognise the good work done by our local partners and we want to help by offering fundraising and logistic support to help improve education standards and facilities at these institutes. We are fundraising to provide local Educare Centers with adequate facilities and to assist local schools develop and deliver their environmental education courses.

The impact of assisting with early childhood development has a long-lasting impact on children and we recognise the long-term impact on the children’s lives if they have access to facilities and resources to aid their learning. By offering environmental education, we aim to make students aware of the importance of conservation and foster in them an awareness and love of the wildlife on their doorstep!

Classrooms Built in 2016

Pangolin Playground

The Challenge

Most rural nursery and education facilities in rural Limpopo Province are badly lacking in the most basic resources and facilities that a child requires for sound early development. Often facilities will be a simple wooden building with no sanitation facilities and no playground. This does not create an environment that is conducive to learning and development. This has a profound negative impact on the children’s ability to keep pace with formal education once they enter primary and secondary school and can have a far-reaching and negative impact on their futures.
Schools in the area, although on the borders of vast and world-renowned game reserves, don’t spend much time on environmental education and most of the children have never experienced a game drive. If we hope to increase our conservation efforts, we need to engage the future generations.

The Solution

In the short term, this project will make improvements to the infrastructure, facilities and resources at local schools and creches that will make an immediate and critical impact on the lives of the children and staff there. We will be involved with infrastructure development projects as well as hands-on education in English and environmental education at these facilities and other, established, local schools.

In the medium term, improvements will be focused on what is required for day care centres that we work with to gain registration with social services, and thus access sustainable support and funding.

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