Education for Neglected Children in Seychelles

Assisting the President’s Village Children’s Home.



On Mahe Island in the Seychelles, we offer support to the Presidents Village Children’s Home. Our aim is to help improve the lives of children who do not have a permanent home of their own.

Your donations are used to help fund extra- curricular activities, like weekly swimming lessons and annual parties.

Number of children who live at The President's Village

The Challenge

President’s Village Children’s Home cares for children from families that are unable to care for them for various reasons. Some are neglected or abused while others have disabilities or learning difficulties. All are in need of care and the home provides a safe environment for them to live. The President’s Village is home to approximately 60 children, ages 6 months to 18 years. With limited funding, they struggle with the ongoing maintenance and currently spend a lot on monthly utility bills.

The Solution

In addition to funding extra-curricular activities for the children, the majority of funds will be used to purchase, install and maintain a solar energy system. The renewable energy project for the President’s Village will have multiple phases in the coming years and the ultimate goal is to have the President’s Village running on solar power energy, reducing the cost of their utilities and to help conserve valuable resources on an island where all resources are precious.




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