Education, Opportunity and Support in India

Supporting vulnerable children and adults in Fort Kochi.




Welfare in the state of Kerala is extremely limited and even though development is increasing, minimum wage is relatively good and literacy is high, there are still those who don’t benefit and get left behind.

Our aim is to offer help to people who are stuck by their circumstances. We seek to empower them to create a new future for themselves by offering education, women’s empowerment and health care services. We work with a number of local partner organisations- schools, a relief settlement, vocational schools and a charity supporting abused children.

Funds have been used on a variety of projects, including providing school meals and access to sports, assisting with teachers’ salaries and support and upgrades of infrastructure and resources at a number of our partner organisations.

Number of students taught every week

Adults provided with weekly occupational activities

Children enjoying sports coaching

The Challenge

Alcoholism is a common problem. Migrant workers struggle without family or government support. Young women from poor backgrounds lack encouragement and guidance so never reach their potential and get stuck in the cycle of poverty. Local slums are home to families that live on less than $1.50 a day so cannot send their children to school and fight a losing battle to keep their homes dry and intact during the monsoon. We aim to help all of these people achieve a better quality of life.

The Solution

We aim to provide quality education and English tuition to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. We will provide continued assistance to members of the local slum, assisting them with vocational training, create better living conditions and ensure that there is access to health care services. Our mission is to empower the members of the Kerala community so that they can create their own future. We want to encourage people and provide them with the opportunities that they might otherwise not be exposed or have access to.

Through constant communication with our local partners and beneficiaries, we will be able to access our impact and pinpoint needs. In the long term, we aim to increase the capacity of our vocational training centres so that more people will have access to skills training. We will grow our women’s empowerment programs and provide educational opportunities to children. Our mission is to utilise funds on maximum impact projects identified through community collaboration.

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“Because GVI volunteers from various countries around the world take the time to interact and socialise with our children they have and are still developing communication, social and fine motor skills that they otherwise would not be doing’”

Cottolengo Special School, India

“GVI and GVI volunteers have really supported me in my role as the PT Master of the school. When sports volunteers work at our school we can really focus on not only their health and well-being, but teaching them new skills and sports – thank you.”


PT Master, Auxilium Primary School