Help the Karongwe Cheetahs Prosper!

We're putting the power in your hands and letting you dictate our challenges!

Staff and volunteers at GVI Karongwe are putting themselves through a series of challenges ranging in difficulty, to aid in the purchase of new tracking devices for our predators, mainly our new cheetahs!

We will be letting you set the agenda for our challenges, based around various themes which will be revealed as we reach the following targets

£0 – A nice easy challenge to get started.
£150 – Still an easy challenge.. we do have 8 to do after all!
£400 – Challenge rises to a medium difficulty.
£700 – They’re only going to get harder!
£1000 – Half way.. Now the hard challenges start!
£1300 – Challenges getting harder now!
£1600 – Almost there, we can do it!
£2000 – Target reached.. now for the toughest challenge of all!

You can vote for each challenge, out of 3 options, via our facebook page, so you have complete control of what we do!


All of the funds from this event will be put towards tracking devices for cheetahs, which have just been introduced to Karongwe. Any excess funds will go towards new telemetry kits, a key component for tracking the animals.


We are aiming to raise £2000.