Helping Women Develop Small Businesses in South Africa


Providing guidance and start-up funding for small, women-led businesses in Cape Town, South Africa.



Informal settlements in the greater Cape Town area face many challenges, including lack of access to employment opportunities. This is often worse for women. We aim to help women in these communities by providing access to skills and resources that will help them empower themselves by opening successful small businesses.

Your donations will be used to fund the purchase of goods and services that women entrepreneurs need to get their businesses off the ground.

This project is committed to providing assistance to aspiring small-business owners. We will assist the women that we work with to form co-ops and bring their business ideas to life. Some of these ideas include baking and catering, sewing, beading and gardening to sell fresh produce. The women will be required to repay the initial loan back, which will be used for investment into the next business.

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The Challenge

Unemployment, poverty, lack of opportunities, limited access to resources and teenage pregnancy are some of the challenges that women are currently facing in this community.

Faced with low levels of formal education and minimal access to resources, it is difficult for, especially women, to turn their lives around. Many of the women that we work with are ambitious and have wonderful ideas for small businesses. What they are missing are the the skills and financial resources to turn their ideas into a profitable reality.


The Solution

We aim to provide women with access to a space where they are able to upskill themselves, brainstorm ideas for businesses and community initiatives as well as discuss the challenges they face. The workshops serve to connect the women with resources- others who can share their skills and experiences, as well as financial. This project aims to provide initial funding to the women upon presentation of a business plan, so that they can get their business off the ground.

Financial assistance will be provided on a loan basis. We will help the women by facilitating the purchase of products and services that they need to get started. Once their business is up and running and generating an income, they will need to repay the initial loan. These repayments will be put towards funding the next business, and so we aim to grow and create a community of successful small business owners.

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“This is what we call empowering women, thanks to GVI who want us to become something one day. Thank so much guys, you do a good work in our small community we really appreciate this programme”


Programme Participant