The GVI International Disaster Relief Fund

Assisting communities affected by natural disasters.




Natural disasters happen all over the world, but none are more affected than communities in developing and third world nations which are, more often than not, ill prepared for these unavoidable events.

This project collects funds that are distributed in the immediate and confusing aftermath of a disaster to cover essential and lifesaving resources. On a longer-term scale, we also endeavour to have enough funds so that we are able to help communities rebuild and restore their lives.

Your funds are predominantly used to assist communities in areas where GVI and The GVI Trust have existing relationships, but we will also distribute funds, if possible, to communities where we have previously worked and have established relationships with local organisations.

raised for the 2015 Nepal Earthquake victims

people assisted after Fiji, Cyclone Evan 2012

families assisted in Mexico post Hurricane Dean

The Challenge

Natural disasters can strike at any time and wreak havoc in communities. Unfortunately, more often than not, these communities are the ones who can least afford and sustain huge losses. It often takes many months and years for people to regain what they have lost and re-establish their lives and livelihoods.


The Solution

Disaster relief and recovery will be different in every situation and each affected community needs to be assessed individually. With that said, in the majority of situations one of the most beneficial efforts that we can offer is to provide emergency relief packs. These will include basic food supplies, personal items, hygiene items and essential living items. Another way that we can offer assistance is by offering first aid, administering basic wound treatment and offering advice and guidance on preventing secondary infections.

The longer-term solutions are what we endeavour to assist with as much as possible. Depending on the situation this can include helping communities re-establish their homes, crops and livelihoods, assisting the rebuilding and resupplying of damaged buildings, especially community centres and schools and helping people get back on their feet as soon as possible.

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