Protect and Preserve Marine Ecosystems in Mexico

Working to conserve the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef system.



Coral reefs are incredibly sensitive ecosystems that face threats from many different sources. Coastal development, pollution, global warming, hurricanes and storms are some of the threats that are putting this beautiful ecosystems in danger. With a population growth of 1220% over the last 35 years in Quintana Roo the reef has never been in a more vulnerable state

We work closely with a number of local partners to preserve and monitor the MesoAmerican reef system here on the Yucatan peninsular. We also work towards educating and empowering the local communities so that they may take an active role in the conservation efforts.

Your donations are used to assist our local partners in implementing their conservation plans and community education initiatives.

Species of coral found here

KM of reef we work to protect

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The Challenge

The Yucatan peninsula has a rich biodiversity that is threatened by the development of the tourist industry. In Quintana Roo in only 35 years, the population grew 1220%! There are no management plans for most of the areas and the development is affecting the ecosystems as well as the fresh water supplies. All this is impacting the health of the reef, as there are more coral diseases, bleaching and erosion.

The Solution

There are several NGO’s working on different projects along the Yucatan peninsula focusing on integrative management strategies and to influence environmental regulation. The different programs go from creating no fishing zones in the whole state, to develop integrative coral reef stress response, monitoring the reefs and creating policies that will help the marine environment.

Through the different programs, they intend to identify, protect and preserve areas with high biodiversity, as well as those ones that are essential to maintain the ecological processes of the species. As well as to develop management plans for the region, to work on capacity building and environmental education with the locals.

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“Your support benefits federal agencies and local NGO’s engaged in marine conservation by monitoring the reef to generate information of the reef health and promoting an environmental culture within the communities.”

Rosa Maria Loreto Vinel

Amigos de Sian Ka’An, Assistant Director of Programs