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Supporting conservation efforts in the Tortuguero National Park and surrounding areas.






The Tortuguero National Park (TNP) is a prime nesting site for turtles. It is also a critical jaguar habitat. Both of these species are endangered and in rapid decline due to poaching and habitat destruction.

This project helps to fund activities related to conservation and preservation of these two endangered species. We work closely with the TNP park rangers as well as local conservation NGOs. We support them by providing key resources and assisting them with research activities.

In our 10 –year tenure in Jalova, GVI Costa Rica has reduced poaching activity on a 3mile stretch of beach to virtually zero. By supporting the local and international organisations we aim to have enough funding so that the TNP can be monitored year-round, both for poachers and for research purposes.

Miles of beach in Totortuguero National Park

Number of turtles worked in 2015

Number of recorded turtle nests recorded on a 3mile stretch of beach

The Challenge

GVI work in collaboration with Partners, building on ten years of study conducted on the relationship between the jaguars of TNP and the marine turtles that nest in the park. The continued monitoring of this near threatened species and the impact of its predation on the endangered marine turtles as a result of habitat loss and degradation due to human activity provides a unique insight into the adaptability and survivability of the jaguar. Local communities, due to a lack of information, are often unaware of the danger to both the turtle and jaguar. The work carried out in TNP also helps to inform the local community of the levels of this predation, avoiding potential persecution of the animal by the local community, whose livelihoods depend on tourism generated by the nesting sea turtles.

The Solution

Through research over the last 10 years, we understand the critical nature of the park habitat to both turtles, jaguars and species listed as endangered or critically vulnerable in the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature. There is still so much that we don’t understand about jaguar/ turtle dynamics, so research is also critical so we can understand their behaviour & dynamics to protect them even better. By providing resources for research equipment, we can also work on gathering more data on the dynamics between the turtles and jaguars.




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“’Support from NGO’s such as The GVI Trust is essential to the continued conservation work carried out around the world by projects such as ours. The presence of GVI staff and volunteers working in the park help to protect and monitor the amazing diversity of animals found in the area’”

Ian Thomson

Coastal Jaguar Conservation