Protect the Threatened White Rhino in South Africa

Funding anti-poaching activities and resources.



5061 rhinos have been illegally killed in South Africa since 2007, nearly 25% of the total population. These numbers are alarming and unsustainable and if we don’t act now, these magnificent creatures will become extinct.

Donations to this project are used to support an anti-poaching team and anti-poaching initiatives in the Karongwe Game Reserve, South Africa. The reserve is 8 000 hectors big and needs to be monitored 24/7, so we need all the help we can get so that we can protect our remaining rhino population.

Since its inception, this project has contributed quad bikes and a dedicated anti-poaching vehicle so that rangers can move around quicker and with more ease. We have also dehorned the remaining population of rhinos in the reserve, a tough, but we believe a necessary decision.


of the worlds rhinos call South Africa home.


of South Africa's rhino population has been killed since 2007

Number of rhinos killed since 2007

The Challenge

Rhino poaching is a huge problem. In Limpopo, the financial incentive to rhino poachers combined with very high unemployment figures in rural communities, mean that poachers will force entry into the reserves to get a shot at a rhino, often at high risk to themselves. Many reserves are also partly funded by eco-tourism, so viewing these magnificent creatures is critical to the success of these lodges who employ many local staff, targeting unemployment figures and preventing poaching.

The Solution

Anti-poaching staff, equipment, training, technology is all required to minimise the threat and ensure that the rhino are protected in their natural habitat. This project aims to employ additional local anti-poaching staff members on a minimum one year contract, provide them with initial training, uniforms, boots, radios, flashlights, a firearm, field rations and other equipment needed for effective anti-poaching work.



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