Sponsorship, Scholarships and Support for Lao Students

Increasing Lao students’ access to education and opportunity.


Economic disadvantage and entrenched cultural values restrict access to education in rural Laos. The opportunity for higher education and English language acquisition are limited for all, and most especially for girls. Many young people forego further education due to limited resources and lack of support.

By increasing support and access to education, this project has a positive impact on hundreds of students’ lives. We aim to support all students by offering access to English lessons, female-only classes, vocational training as well as by providing medical and basic needs support.

In 2017, we aim to maintain and develop both the Luang Prabang and Nam Thuam Sponsorship programs, classroom rental fees and activities and needs relating to education in Laos.

Number of Students on Individual Scholarships in 2016

Students Sponsored Through Classroom/Building Rental to Attend Free English Classes

Girls Sponsored with Bicycles

The Challenge

Educational opportunities and socio-economic status are closely related in Laos. Economic disadvantage and entrenched cultural values restrict access to education, and opportunities for higher education and English language acquisition are limited. This is only exacerbated for those living in rural areas.

Consequently, males commonly travel to Luang Prabang to seek out greater education and employment opportunities by joining the temples and becoming Novice Monks. Females’ opportunities are decreased further because they lack the option to enter the temples. Many females must forego further education in order to stay home to support the families, while others are faced with cultural and social barriers, where keeping girls in the private sphere is favoured over higher education due to traditional beliefs and entrenched gender roles.

The Solution

In conjunction with community consultation and strong local partnerships, we identify young people at risk of not being able to receive secondary, tertiary or vocational education and provides them with sponsorship and access to English classes and general educational support.

Target groups include Novice Monks, through partnerships with local temples, and young Lay males and females, through partnerships with local colleges. In addition, the project works closely with a local organisation to provide support, education, life skills, health workshops and promote gender equality and safe, positive learning environments. Your contributions will allow GVI Laos to strengthen its existing projects and partnerships and to further the growth of new ones. In turn, this will allow us to increase the percentage of students we reach and support, allowing them to begin and continue to build self-sufficient futures.

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“From the very get-go the Mekong English Centre has enjoyed the support of foreign volunteers, both experienced English language teachers and kind and generous people with no teaching experience whatsoever. GVI has brought more authenticity to our classrooms! – more warmth! – and definitely more fun… MEC says thank you! “

Claus Haumer

Founder of The Mekong English Centre