Supporting Animal Welfare in Nepal

Assisting the Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust in Pokhara.




HART has been working throughout Nepal since 2010. Their aim is to create a place where animals are respected and cared for within their own communities and disease and distress become things of the past.

Your donations are used to support their high- impact work throughout Nepal.

HART runs a number of programs focused on building awareness, providing support through sterilisation and vaccination clinics and conducting research.

Shelter built to protect animals from the sun and rain


The percentage of animals targeted in a rabies vaccination campaign

Surveys are given out in each town where we work, helping us track our impact

The Challenge

Any animal lover would be horrified at the harshness of the lives of street dogs in Nepal. In addition to suffering inflicted on the dogs, they have no veterinary help or care and they have to scavenge for food and water. Government institutions in Nepal give no assistance to animal welfare and there are no other animal welfare charities working in HART’s areas, so its programs are the only opportunity for help available to the dogs and cats there.

The Solution

Supporting HART will enable the continuation of the programmes that have already helped thousands of animals. HART will sterilise, vaccinate and treat thousands of neglected animals with your help. Importantly, your support will also help to maintain the work that has already been done. With enough support, HART will be able to reach beyond Pokhara’s immediate boarders and extend its support so that it can improve the conditions for animals in surrounding villages.




Make Your Donation

Give to our community development fund today and help the animals of Pokhara.

‘Thank you GVI Pokhara for all your help, support and helping hand provided to HART.’

Khageshwaar Sharma

Director, Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust