Supporting Childhood Development in Mexico

Assisting local schools and organisations with resources.




There are countless children in Mexico with little or no access to education or much-needed therapy. In Playa del Carmen, many adults work in the tourist industry which means that children are left unattended for long hours, which can be dangerous. There are also many children who suffer from discrimination due to disability.

Your donations are used to support our local partners so that they may continue to deliver support and services to children at risk in Playa del Carmen. Our partners provide safe havens for the children, access to education and much-needed therapy to the children with disabilities.

For the past 2 years, we have been able to provide regular dog therapy to the special needs children. We have also provided fresh drinking water, training for staff, uniforms and resources as requested by our partners.

Number of children supported at CEIA

months of dog therapy secured

staff trained and certified as Emergency First Responders Care for Children

The Challenge

Many children in the Quintana Roo province suffer from some form abandonment, abuse or exploitation with low or no access to education or a safe place to be during the hours that their parents are at work. In Playa del Carmen, many adults work in the tourist industry and work long hours. Children are left unattended and are exposed to different threats such as gang’s recruitment. In Mexico 5.1% of the population suffer some type of disability and are often discriminated against. Therapy can be expensive and government authorities lack resources to provide adequate treatment.


The Solution

By providing extra attention and therapies to children with disabilities, we can help to improve their quality of life. By assisting our project partners at their facilities, the Ludoteca, ‘toy libraries’, which are recreational and education spaces where children come to learn through games, talks and workshops we are helping to empower children.  By empowering children, teaching them about their rights through different workshops and programmes we are helping to create more aware and informed citizens.




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