Supporting Disadvantaged and Special Needs Children in South Africa

Helping a Cape Town sanctuary deliver essential services to children in need.





Caring for Special Needs children comes with many additional expenses and demands which means many homes simply can’t cope. This project provides support to the Ikhayalethemba Village Sanctuary, which is home to children with special needs, as well as an Educare centre and crèche during the week.

Your donations are used to support the sanctuary, both the children who live there, the children who come to learn there and the dedicated staff who work there. We are able to provide healthy snacks, nappies for the special needs children and support the staff’s salaries.

We are committed to helping Ikhayalethemba become registered with the South African government as an official care centre so that their financial hardships can be eased.

Number of children living full-time at the sanctuary

of the 10 children have special needs

children attend the sanctuary creche for lessons every day

The Challenge

Mama Lumka is affectionately known as “The Wheelbarrow Lady/Saint” from the days when she walked through the township collecting children who had been abused/neglected and taking them to her own home to provide care. The Ikhayalethemba Village and Nceduluntu Educare Centres have taken on the considerable challenge of providing children with a safe, nurturing, educational environment. Lack of funding means they struggle to provide the degree of care that is needed for the children- we aim to try to help fill this gap.

The Solution

We aim to support Ikhayalethemba and the Nceduluntu Educare Centre so that they can continue to provide quality educational programmes for the children in a safe, secure environment. Donations will fund improvements to the centres, provide resources to further develop educational programs and support training for staff at the centres particularly for children with special needs. This project will fund some much-needed staff, equipment and resources which will enable the local staff to provide the best level of care possible. We will work with Ikhayalethemba so that they can attempt to gain registration as a care centre with the South African government. This will provide them with a sustainable source of funding, resources and assistance.

Make Your Donation

Give to our community development fund today and help the children at Ikhayaletemba.

“We are not going to survive without the registration so I’m very glad that The GVI Trust can help me with the registration.”

Mama Lumka

Founder and Director of Ikhayalethemba