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Supporting the development of coastal conservation projects in Southern Thailand.




We work on marine and coastal projects in Phang Nga, in conjunction with local partners. They all work to protect our precious marine reserves. Shark Guardian focuses on educating locals, The Turtle Conservation Centre and Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries and Research Development Centre give endangered hatchlings a safe start to life to increase their chances of survival. Our Butterfly Surveys will monitor the butterfly species in the area, which provides a good indication of the overall eco-system health and our Bird Surveys monitor the presence of bird species on a nearby island.

Your donations are used to support our partners, our research and our community outreach in the greater Phang Nga area.

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The Challenge

Challenges to the local coastal ecosystems are vast and, as with all ecosystems, a delicate balance is essential. With shark fishing and finning largely unregulated, there’s been a sharp decline in shark species globally- we raise awareness in the local schools on the importance of protecting sharks. In the turtle centres, we give the hatchlings a headstart for survival in the ocean. The butterfly and bird surveys monitor species richness in the area which informs local authorities on best ecotourism practices.

The Solution

By supporting the work of local organisations we can educate people about marine and coastal conservation. Collaboration with local marine organisations, like Shark Guardian, helps increase our scope and reach on projects that aim to design and implement codes of conduct for ethical tourism practices. Surveying the coastal bird and butterfly populations helps us assess the health of the ecosystems and offer data and findings to National Park authorities.

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“We are very happy to work with GVI, they help us in a lot of ways. They come and help us clean the turtle tanks, which is a great contribution, as we don’t have enough staff to keep these tanks constantly clean. GVI offers great support by teaching our staff English, and in return, we like to invite them to all activities we organise, such as our annual turtle release. We are looking forward to working with GVI in the future!”

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