Supporting Community Development in Phang Nga

Assisting local organisations deliver resources and services.




We work with local organisations, offering them support with volunteer time, but the need for financial assistance is great. With little or no governmental or community funding, our partners seek outside sources for funding. Our partners were rebuilt by interim funders after the 2004 tsunami and now need help to maintain their organisations. Their needs vary as do the priorities for each need. Initially, we will focus on assisting with school and personal health supplies, repairs and improvements to infrastructure.

Your donations are used to provide materials and implement programmes that will be sustainable and long-lasting, such as desks, computers and projectors.


Number of local partner organisations we work with

The Challenge

After the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 many charities and organizations came in to help the village of Baan Nam Khem recover. These efforts were very helpful however they were also temporary. Two of our five partners, Camillian & BTNC, are organizations who stayed to help long term. The other partners are each independent schools who have rebuilt and stayed open. Our partners rely a lot on volunteers and external funding. With limited funding and a growing population, there is regularly a lack of resources. These financial hardships lead to poor physical and mental health, less than efficient lessons, and often discouragement among both staff and students.

The Solution

By providing a new source of funding we will be able to help our partners in a multitude of new ways. Currently, we have budgets for resources that we use in our classes and for small items our partners may need. Starting this project will allow us to help partners through new support outside of the classroom. Having this trust in place will allow us the opportunity to provide help when we see it’s needed.



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“Working with GVI is special because of how much our students gain from them. We don’t have but a few English teachers so having volunteers come in and engage with the students teaching English, various vocabulary, and even in our sports days is really wonderful.”

Community Development Centre (CDC)