The International Scholarship Program

Giving deserving youth the opportunity to expand their horizons.



We help young people access International Education Experiences with the aim of creating more aware, informed and empowered global citizens. We provide young people who otherwise wouldn’t have access, opportunities to embark on an international learning experience so that they may better their chances of accessing higher education or employment opportunities.

Scholars will get the opportunity to develop hard and soft skills that will assist them in both their academic and employment pursuits. We ensure that each scholar leaves the programme with a recognised certification or qualification that they can include in their applications and/ or CVs.

School groups from the UK sponsored

Local NSPs on our programs since 2006

Australian National Scholars accepted since 2014

The Challenge

International education opportunities are often prohibitively expensive. This means that many youths are automatically excluded from accessing these valuable opportunities. Youths that are excluded don’t then have an equal chance to access higher education or jobs as their counterparts who have had the opportunity.
Our goal is to help break down these barriers so that these learning opportunities are available to everyone and give everyone the opportunity to enter their next phase of life, be that higher education or the job market, on more equal footing.

The Solution

The scholarship programme will help to bridge a financial gap.

We will award qualifying students a scholarship of up to £2000 so that they may pursue an international education experience of their choice. The scholar must select a project that offers their participants a recognised qualification for taking part.  The programme that they choose to go on must also equip the scholar with the relevant tools and training for their specific needs.

We believe that by giving young scholars an international education experience it will boost their confidence, cultural sensitivity, independence and critical thinking capabilities. This will assist them in all facets of their lives going forward, but specifically in entering an increasingly competitive job market and more demanding university admission requirements.

Make Your Donation

Give to our community development fund today and given the youth an opportunity of a lifetime.

“As a student studying social work at university, I feel this experience has given me the necessary skills to potentially work overseas after graduation. By taking part in this volunteering experience I was lucky enough to get support and accreditation from my university for my course.”

Jorden Wagner

National Scholarship, Australia