The Playa Clean Up

On 25 February 2017 we're taking on the streets of Bosque Real with garbage bags and gloves for a Clean Up Playa del Carmen day!

The goal is to clean up our local streets, which are consistently littered with trash and rubbish, due to the lack of public bins in the area. Hopefully, from a few hours of sustained efforts from the GVI family, we can restore the streets to their natural beauty, and people will think twice about where they put their rubbish!


Our goal is to raise $3,000 USD through fundraising for our projects: Escuelita (CEIA), Coco’s Animal Welfare, Ludoteca, Corazones and Contando con un Amigo.


The funds will be split between our community partners in Playa del Carmen.
$500 will be used help fund the music therapy, physical and sensual therapies. The more specialised the therapies are the more expensive they become, so we want to help them to support the kids in all the possible areas.
$500 will be used for sutures and tick & flea medication at Coco’s Animal Welfare.
$300 will be used for clean drinking water for the kids and staff to drink throughout the day at Ludoteca.
$700 will be spent on providing Corazones with clean drinking water, along with good material for classes and workshops.
$1000 is going to go towards a building project. We are going to build a new classroom for Contando con un Amigo.

Any remaining donations will be spent towards materials and any necessary resource, stationary, assets that come with the running of all the projects.