Too Rare To Wear

We're raising funds for Too Rare To Wear to help spread the word about the dangers that Hawksbill Turtles face.

We’re supporting our partners at Too Rare To Wear on their mission to end the illegal sale and trade of turtle shell products in Latin America. The Hawksbill Turtle has been targeted because of its beautiful and distinctive shell which is made into jewellery and trinkets. Too Rare to Ware is working to educate people, tourists and locals alike, so that the trade of turtle shell can be stopped.


Too Rare To Wear is currently focusing on outreach and events in Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, they found that turtle shell products were sold in nearly 70% of shops there. Too Rare To Wear is aiming to build a coalition with Nicaraguan tourism businesses such as hotels, tour operators, shops etc. They will develop outreach materials specific to Nicaragua and do an outreach campaign with local partners.

Funds that you donate will be used to develop the materials that Too Rare To Ware needs for its outreach campaigns in Nicaragua.


We are aiming to raise £1000 for Too Rare To Wear’s campaign in Nicaragua.