Transitioning to Low Carbon Operations

Creating low-carbon output bases.



Climate change affects us all and we all need to do our part to create better, healthier, more sustainable environments. In an effort to be more conscious of our carbon output, GVI will be accessing all of our bases and implementing systems, big and small, to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Your donations are used to support our partners take the steps to reduce their carbon output.

Bases transitioned to solar power

families provided with fuel efficient stoves in Guatemala

The Challenge

GVI supports communities and conservation initiatives all around the world and to do so relies on a network of volunteer bases, and offices. GVI sends over 2000 international volunteers to these locations every year. Through The GVI Trust, GVI aims to reduce the carbon footprint of their volunteer projects by reducing the carbon emissions required to run both bases and offices. To do so GVI will use both renewable technologies and sustainable and environmentally friendly behaviour to enable this transition.

The Solution

The solutions involved in this transition will be multi-faceted and each location will have different requirements. Solutions will be designed based on available resources, project goals and community needs. GVI has various existing projects designed to help ensure more sustainable lifestyles for communities and volunteers – through initiatives that promote recycling, rainwater collection and local agriculture. In 2016 we will focus on  creating a 100% carbon neutral base in Toruguero National Park, Costa Rica where GVI runs a scientific research base that supports local conservation initiatives.



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