Donation Report: Rainwater Harvesting Improvements on Moturiki


We’re making good progress on fixing all the concrete water tanks.

We are pleased to report that various supplies have been purchased for continued repairs to the Rain Water Harvesting infrastructure on Moturiki island. This included 5 bags of cement for repairing the concrete rainwater harvesting tanks in each village. Identified during repairs on the plastic tank infrastructure, the concrete tanks are currently unused due to their deteriorated condition.

The communities of Moturiki have been favouring the use of the plastic rainwater harvesting tanks- they are seen as more modern and clean than the concrete systems, which have been neglected and fallen into a state of disrepair. However, as each of the concrete tanks can collect up to 30,000 litres of rain water, these are an extremely valuable resource to the communities that cannot be ignored.

fiji-caqalai-171-rwh3. waterDuring January 2017, the volunteers and staff on the GVI Caqalai Community Expedition have repaired cracks in the floor and walls of the concrete tank in Uluibau village, which has a population of 180 people. In nearby Niubasaga village, with 38 inhabitants, they repaired and reinstalled the guttering on the concrete tank there.

With daytime temperatures around 30°C and humidity at 80%, January is not a kind month in Fiji, certainly not ideal for moving barrows of sand and cementing inside a concrete tank. However, as a direct result of the hard-work and sweat of the Community Expedition members, there is now an additional 60,000litres of rainwater harvesting capacity for the 218 people in these villages.

There are a further 9 concrete tanks around Moturiki which are still awaiting repair; we aim to complete these during the first half of 2017.

Thank you for your continued support!

fiji-caqalai-171-rwh1. water

It’s hard, hot work!


Your donations make a real difference