We’re Ready for Another Busy Year at The GVI Trust!


We had a busy January and are looking forward to a busy 2017.

Wow, we can’t believe that January has already come and gone!

We have had a very busy start to the year and are looking forward to a successful 2017 for all of our project partners, all over the world.

This January we continued our support to Fiji. If you recall, in February 2016 Fiji was devastated by Cyclone Winston and we raised over £40 000 to assist them in their relief efforts. You can read more about that specific project here. In January we disbursed the last of our available funds to Fiji for the following projects

  • Digger Hire. The rainy season is once more upon Fiji and it has exposed some problematic areas in the newly re-located village in terms of drainage. The village, which was relocated to higher ground, further away from the ocean, was starting to show signs that it was in danger of flooding with the onset of the heavy rains. So we used funds to hire a digger to come in and dig drainage trenches to prevent possible flooding.
  • Food Bank. A major issue that was exposed in the months after the cyclone was food security. Crops were wiped out and it was difficult to replant with so much chaos and other challenges to deal with. With community consultation, we decided to set up a food. The food bank will provide supplies to 33 households in the village (109 adults and 80 children). In conjunction with the food bank is a community garden and seed program that we will be rolling out in the coming weeks.
  • Kindergarten Rebuild. We have finally been able to focus on rebuilding the kindergarten classroom that was destroyed. It has been challenging securing supplies because there is such a high demand, but we are finally able to start with this project!
  • School Books. Most children lost all of their school supplies in the cyclone and families cannot afford to replace them (loss of income due to failed crops), so we have allocated funds so that all of the children can start school with all of the necessary resources.
  • Water Tanks. The village has been relocated, which means that access to clean drinking water is a challenge. We have used funds to purchase and install 2 new rainwater harvesting tanks in the relocated village.

We are pleased to let you know that we have secured enough funds to be able to provide another 6 months of dog therapy for the special needs children we work with in Mexico. These therapies make a huge difference to the children and it is wonderful to see them interacting with the dogs and getting so much joy out of the experience.

Staying in Mexico, we have also been able to donate £785 to be used by ProjectAWARE, one of our local partners, for their Dive Against Debris project. They are in the process of developing an app for this amazing citizen science project, and we are very pleased to be able to contribute to this project.

In Africa, we have been able to offer support to our community project partner, Ikhayalethemba, in Cape Town. They are in the process on applying for government assistance, and while they are waiting on this process we are assisting them with nappies for the special needs children, their snack programme and staff wages.

Thank you for your continued support of our work! Your support helps so many projects, communities and ecosystems all around the world!

Your donations make a real difference